When Will Robot 2 Release In Theater

Robot 2 is a promising movie to its audience. Robot was a very entertaining movie and earned fame among the audiences. The graphics used in the first part were admired by the Indian audiences. With Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan in Robot 2 the stunts will be admired by the people as they will be done by the masters of styles.

Robot 2 Release Date

Director S. Shankar has completed the script of the movie. The director of Robot 2 is now looking for an extravagant cast. Headlines are there that Aamir Khan will be seen with the South Indian acting God Mr. Rajnikanth in the movie, yet there is no still proof of it. The movie will be hit and as grossing as its first sequel which is the highest grossing south Indian movie till date. The original name of the first part was Enthiran and the story was centering on development of a robot. It was the most expensive film at the time of its release. It was produced by Kalanithi Maran. The soundtracks of the film were given by Mr. A.R Rahman and he will only give the soundtracks in Robot 2. The first part of the movie also won a National Film of the Year Award, Film of the Year by Filmfare and all the members of the casting received awards according to their categories.

When ROBOT 2 Release:

According to the sources this time the villain role will be played by Aamir Khan. In the previous installment of the movie, it was to be played by Shahruk Khan, who walked out at the last moment due to his date’s problem. The prior installment of the movie was a big hit and was awarded 7.1 out of 10 rating by IMDb; we hope same for this part too. The movie will be released in or around 2017.

The development of the movie is in process. There is still a lot more to the whistles and bells of the movie Robot 2. There will be many stunts and others will be animation art. The movie graphics will follow the graphics of Hollywood movies like avatar and King Kong. Which will make the movie definitely a super hit. Another reason for people’s excitement for Robot 2 is the unimaginable stunts in the movie. The movie will all around the silver screen till 2017 and will break all records in the box office.