ROBOT 2 Star Cast & Director

In Robot’s sequel, the role of Rajinikanth is expected to be far more formidable and touching new heights. But to recreate the magic of the original Robot, its starcast has to be equally influential. Shankar, who is the director has not left any stone unturned to group together the best stars from the industry who make a formidable combination. It is confirmed, in Robot 2, Akshay Kumar Bollywood superstar is also part of the star cast.  This is a great mix that will force people to draw to the cinema halls.

Robot 2

Robot 2 Stars:


Rajnikanth In Robot 2Rajinikanth is the lead actor of the movie without whom the sequel would be lifeless. His sole presence is enough to draw audience to the theatres. However, a couple of his movies has not worked well. Robot 2 is expected to be a landmark in his career. The movie will go on floors early 2016. Post the Robot 1, there was a complete mania in India and abroad. The volley of jokes went viral on the web. He became a superhuman. Will that magic return in the sequel, Robot 2? It remains to be seen.

Akshay Kumar:

Akshay Kumar Replaces Arnold In Robot 2

Akshay Kumar Bollywood superstar is confirmed to be part of upcoming movie Robot 2. He will be playing antagonist in Shankar’s upcoming Enthiran 2.0 (aka Robot 2) against Rajnikanth. He will be playing the role of rogue Robot in the film.

First look of Akshay Kumar in Robot 2

Akshay Kumar First Look In Robot 2

Amy Jackson:

Amy Jackson Robot 2 Image

Amy Jackson, the pretty actress has bagged the lead role opposite South Superstar Rajnikanth in Robot 2. Her last movie in the south was “I” which was also directed by the same director, Shankar.

Robot 2 Director:


Robot 2 Shankar

Shankar Shanmugham is popularly known as Shankar. He is directing the 2nd part of Robot. His great direction fetched a huge success to Robot and especially to Rajinikanth. Shankar had started working on the sequel soon after the first part shot up to sky-high success. Though mainly active in Tamil movies, he has broken barriers and moved forward with high budget movies. Robot 2 is another big budget movie on which lies his entire focus. Shankar will have the challenge to gel the roles of two megastars – Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. In addition, he will have to meet the deadline to bring the movie to the floor.

A R Rahman:

A R Rahman is also confirmed to compose the music of the film.



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  1. Akshay kumar ,what a actor ,If he play
    villain role ,the movie Robot 2 will be
    When i was watched Robot ,I m very
    excited for its sequel and now Robot 2 is
    the film will across 1000 crode.

  2. Why dont rajnikant do solo actor in his film robort, cose he knows he cant do anything need some one,help him to do break the record of bahubali…he always in competing with telgu film industries…earlier also he bring kabali,what kind of kabali still I dont understood… He thought bahubali bcome a record breaker movie than why not kabali…do sometimes better instant copying the movies name..still I Dont understood, I refer all websites always I seen Tamil people says telgu movies bullshits,nonsense, flop….but real thing is what’s Tamil industries have always jealous with telgu industries….Tamil movies highest collection is 350 crore kabaali and telgu movie 650 crore bahubali so understood na distance between telgu and Tamil movies before saying some thing refer the record highest collection, fan follow…

  3. Pankaj kumar yadav

    Akshay kumar is father of khan, its reason because all muslim ignore akshay kumar but hindu not ignore khan because hindu think khan is my but muslim not think as it about akshay kumar

    akshay sir you are my dream hero
    i really love you

  4. Sanket Shinde(Sanky)

    i am bigg fan of A.K.
    I waiting this movie
    Akshay Kumar

  5. Rajani kanat ke y film 1000 cord se upar ja si badiya film h 3D film h bhart ki mangi film y h i am waiting this film

  6. I am eagerly waiting for this movie

  7. I love robot movie

  8. dear akshaya sir…. Its simple that film will blockbuster if u r in…but we waiting for a bollywood movie like james Bond …plz sir

  9. I Love you akshay sir Aap mujhe bahut achche lagte aapka action our comedy bahut achche I Like You I Am Waiting Robot 2 Movie Good Night Rajiv Sir

  10. balabhadra tadingi

    Robert 2 will be cross 1ooo crore

  11. I am waiting for the last 5 years. robot is amazing movie. I waiting for robot 2 . thanks you are making this

  12. Are bhaio akhay bhai ki ye film 1000 ka rikord todni chahiye

  13. Shankar sir you really really great director
    Robo successful movie and
    Robot 2.0 biggest blockbuster success full movie

  14. I Love You Akshay Kumar
    Main Aapke Share Stand Sikhne Ki Koshish Kar Raha Hoon.!
    Aap Marshall Art Ke Teacher Rah Chuke Hain..!
    Main Aapke Sare Andaz Pasand Karta Hoon.!
    Aap Action Ke Baap Ho..Reilly
    Yeh To Nahi Kah Sakta Ke Main Aap Ka Sabse Bada Fan Hoon Kyunke Carore Log Aisa Kahte Hain..
    Main Thoda- Thoda Aap Jaisa Dikhta Hoon.
    Aapke Sare Andaz Fellow Karta Hoon
    Aur Aapke Upping Movie
    Enthiran-2 (Robot-2) Ke Liye Aapko Dher Saari Badhaai.!
    Love You Rajiv Sir @Akshay Kumar

  15. First time bollywood movie gross 1000 crore…….ROBOT2……

  16. Main chata hu ki ye film aaj tak ka record todnI chaiye
    I waiting for this movie

  17. akshay sir is the best in he will in robot 2..then robot 2 will do blockbuster..confirm it will break the all record

  18. Being a die hard fan of superstar rajini sir, i wish it breaks the all the records. Love u rajini sir, eagerly waiting

  19. I want to see how akshay kumar is looking & how he play his role

  20. akshay ka fatka 4440 ka jhatka or ye bhasker apne aap ko samjhta kya hai amir ko lene bol raha hai amir ki hight dekhi hai akshay is the best actor of robbot 2

  21. I love amy nd south south sup.rajni kant nd aksay kumar ….so i waiting for this movie

  22. Chayan Chatterjee

    Hi Akshay kumar(vijay bhatia) main aapke 99% flim dekchuka hu….Mujhe varosa hai yeh flim box office record chid fad dega….

  23. i m waiting for this movie

  24. i love rajnee sir and weating robot 2


  26. Hey
    Robot is the first movie in india which budget is cross 150 crores & i guess then Robot 2 is break all records in india
    so thanks

  27. Flop jayegi aamir khan ko hi lena chahiye tha

  28. Hi. I’m Rajesh (Surat,Gujarat) Shankar sir ke Robot 2.0 Indian film industry ki Band bajadega.

  29. i too am eager….
    a.k is the best….and rajni sir too
    ROBOT 2….

  30. film name robot 2 hollywood me best story

  31. Akshy Kumar is the best and versatile actor in India.We wish this film earning break the all record in world.

  32. I am waiting for robot 2 and crosses 2000 cr. for worldwide

  33. hiii me jagdish ahirwal me aap ka bhut bada fan hu

    me film me kam karna chata hu
    mera pata
    rajsamnd lawa sardar garh

  34. See the movies ROBOT 2 for
    I am Very exited……..

  35. Waiting for robot 2 for my favroite superstar akshay sir is comming together with living legend rajni sir
    All the best to its cast and crew

  36. Waiting for robot 2 for my favroite superstar akshay sir is comming together with living legend rajni sir
    All the best to its cast

  37. kishan pandey

    Akshay paji is out standing star
    Ur movie is blockbuster paji
    Akshay paji tu si great ho

  38. superb 1st part nd very exci…for 2nd part of robot 2
    shankar sir…best director of india nd shankar sir is a person like jems kamron
    really i love shankar sir …….dream i wanna work with them

  39. I think think Amir khan should not be there in robot 2 , because it is science fiction film…but Amir khan these days has made his image of religionist or a star who always tries to demolish non muslim communities….his bad statements that india is unsafe to live made his level a low cataegory person……..

  40. Akzhay Bhai ki zalak sabse alag………

  41. wah robot 2 bahut best banaiye ga aor mujhe lag raha hai ki robot2 bahut hit jaye esliye aap lg mehanat kijiye ham log ki kripa bani rahegi

  42. Bhaba shankar hazra

    Hi i am Sambu Dear Akshay kumar sir me aapka bahat boda fen hnoo sir apko esa flim banana chahie apka action flim bahat achha lagta he i am weting for the Robot 2 flim Reles date from Baleswar ODISHA

  43. I M waiting for this movie in UP Gorakhpur SRS Cinema City Malll



  45. akshay kumar is the best……
    and rajni sir to. …..
    this is first indian movie who cross 1000 cr in worldwide. …………
    I am waiting are u……..

  46. 2.0 movie budget 52 million =350cr wooo India most expensive movie box office Croos 1000cr tu movie Blockbuster

  47. Waw khiladi no 1 in robot 2 I lov akshay

  48. rajinikanth is one of the best actor in the world.he got fame with robo – 1.
    akshay kumar also best actor.he got fame with flight.
    iam blessing them to get fame in robo – 2.

  49. i am fan no. 1 rajni sir

  50. i am great fan of rajnikant .i am waiting for the highest budget film in india 350cr. Hope the film will get outstanding success.

  51. yar akshay aur rajnikant eksaat ek film me to film HITT হীত हीट

  52. makrand joshi

    Ye movie sare world record tod degi.
    I love akki sir.ur the best. Khiladiyon ka khiladi k bad apki action packed movie nhi aayi.
    All the best akki sir.

  53. madhav devrao mane

    i am eagerly waiting for Robot 2.0
    one of the most dengerous look of Akshay Kumar sir in this movie.
    i am so much exited.
    i alway waiting for Akshay Kumar sir’s movie.

  54. lokesh kumar meena

    Hi akshay sir
    Mene apki 90% movie dekhi h apkki acting
    Exilent h
    बहुत शानदार है

    My age 23year

    Me hindi films ke liye bhut अच्छी कहानी लिख सकता हू

    एेसी कहानी जो जिसका हर सीन अच्छा लगेगा
    एेसी कहानी है जो हॉलीवुड फिल्म से अच्छी लगेगी

    आप में इतना हुनर हे जिसको मे बहुत अच्छे मनोरंजन के लिए उपयोग कर सकता हूं

    Me Rajasthan ke tonk district se hu filmo me kisi ko nhi janta mera interest script story likhne me h bus
    Yeh mera sapna h मे अब पढ भी नहीं पा रहा हूँ

    बस मेरी सोच, ध्यान फिल्म किरदार ओर कहानी मे रहता है

    बाहुबली से अच्छी ओर खुबसुरत फिल्म बना सकता हू सर आपके साथ

    अक्षय सर आपका साथ चाहिए

    कोई सर के फैन हो जो भी यह बात उन तक पहुँचाये

    मै हरपल मेहनत करके सभी मित्रों all Indian
    के लिए बहुत ही अच्छी फिल्म बना सकता हूँ

    सर मै आपके लिए हू
    मेरा उपयोग करे

    I like u Rajiv
    i love u Akshay kumar sir
    My address village -boyda tehsil deoli
    Post office -deoli gaon
    Tonk district Rajasthan
    Mobile number 9875254042

  55. lokesh kumar meena

    Akshay kumar i love you
    Akshay sir
    Ka look better krna chahiye
    White hairs ache nhi lage

  56. i waiting for this cinema ……

  57. Akshay kumar best hero robot 2

  58. i am waiting robot2 for akki

  59. I am big fan of akshay kumar and i m very excited fot robot2 and definately
    this movie will be cross 1000cr

  60. coming akshay sir in movie robot 2

  61. I’m happy.for coming movies robot 2.

  62. He is best akashy kumar

  63. avinash chavhan

    akshay sir all the best

  64. I love u khiladi420 best of luck..

  65. robot 2 is best movie with n India rajani sir ,akki Amy best Jodi in this movie, iski collection to box office PR dhoom machayegi, because robot NE v…… robot 2 is dest upcoming movie in india

  66. robot 2 is best movie with n India rajani sir ,akki Amy best Jodi in this movie, iski collection to box office PR dhoom machayegi, because robot NE v…… robot 2 is dest movie in india

  67. 20 th century ki sabse best film

  68. Kailash kumar joshi

    Bhai jo hoga vo bad me dekha jayega. Abhi time wast mat karo. Bharat desh ka time bhigad raha he. TIME BACHAO , INDIA KO AAGE BHATHAO.

  69. Robot movie 1500 crore kamayegi dekh lena, akshay sir ka action, aur rajni sir ka mukka..

  70. vansh raghuvanshi

    Excited about akshay”s entry in robot2 , khiladi in machine =khilachine.

  71. Sushant Dastidar

    I know robot 2 broken bahubali record….. this film is super duper hit in the film industry
    Best of luck robot 2 team ( Rajnikant sir,Akshay sir, Amy jackson mam and director Shankar sir)

  72. it may be the suprhit movie !!
    best of luck akshy&Rajani sir ….

  73. My favourite hero Akshay Kumar
    I am waiting robot2

  74. 500 c nahi kmayegi f.usme kush hona chahiye.idei sci hona .mere pas 1 story hai.khush time ke bad dekhege.dimag admi dekhkar nahi ata by

  75. I’m existing watching in robort 2

  76. devanand gadekar

    I am excited about this movie

  77. Bhai iss movie ka budget 350 crore hai matlab 55 million us dollar ????

  78. robot 2 vry soon will create record on box office bcoz akki bhai and rajni is there .it is proof today jo jsa hta he uske sth vsa hi hta he ,Akki sir bst of luck ,is movie me kuch aisi performance dena ki ye movie India me to record break kre pr hollywood me bhi saare record break kr de .and i m proud of u sir u r really true Indian,ab ye apki zindagi ka sabse accha mode he bst of luck sirr, ab desh me rehne waale saare desh drohiyon ko pta chalega ki yha pr srf Apke jse desh bhakto ki hi izzat he ,dikha do ab duniya ko ,i m vry hpyy.jai hind jai Bharat

  79. Akshay and Rajnikant is the parfect jori in this film…..
    And i am also waiting this film.

  80. I really felt that it will be the most Grossing film in indian history. A highest budget movie in indian histroy. As two megastar akshay sir and rajnikanth sir playing roke

  81. Akshay sir is best for villain of robot 2.
    So he is the best….

  82. Aur iska box office collection approx -800 crore world wide aur domestic mein &550cr hoga pakka

  83. Really bhai log you all are right because of combination of akshay & rajni will make the movie last blockbuster aur iska record agar tootega bhi toh bs iske agle part se I.e – Robot3

  84. I am waiting super star rajni sir’s robot 2

  85. Aki is best for this movie

  86. i’m so much exicted about new action of akshay sir… It will be really biggest success.

  87. mai jalandhar da ryn wala va my phone number 7508425815 hai ……
    Akshay sir tuhadi har film bhuat vdiya eh bss robot 2 Bollywood di Ist hit film hove nd dhoom 3 toh vi best hove my favorite actor Akshay Kumar number 1 khiladi

  88. Akshay kumar toh bhai hai apna bol toh sahi photo karaa du.

  89. akshy kumar is best actor

  90. I am wating this movie & akki is best actor in my life. I know this movie was very biggest hit. I pray this movie was break pk movie record come on akki…

  91. Waiting waiting & waiting

  92. Mohammad Abdullah Rahad

    Shankar is one of the best film maker in the world. And I also love him so much. But this time I think he made a mistake by casting aksay kumar. Because he doesn’t deserve this role. And I don’t know why he don’t cast aamir Khan or srk for this role,this is the most expensive film of India.
    Shankar sir I am one of your fan
    from Bangladesh..

  93. Robot 2 bollywood ki sabse bdi movie hogi thnx a.K sir jo ap film bna rhe h mai apki her film dekta hu cahe hit ho ya na ho.Akki is the best man of bollywood .

  94. Biggest blockbuster before release , love u Akashay and rajni

  95. director ajay solanke

    I think in this movie will be lot of action . I am reqest for my superstar rajnikant please work with me in robot 3 coming soon

  96. Akshay sir ka sab film 1st day 1st show dekha h aaj tak. Only 4 akshay sir robot2 1st day 1st show dekhunga….. m a big big big fan of akshay sir…. n thank u akshay sir 4 give us one of the best movi of India..AIRLIFT.. love u…. east or west all is one AKKI is the best.

  97. Ashutosh upadhyay.

    I am wait to watch the role of khiladi who play role of villan.

  98. Me excited hu jub dono diggaj superstar ekdussre ke aamne saamne honge robot 2 wow…….

  99. Hi, im a guy from north east but im a huge fan of south indian directors like shankar sir,
    i loved robot1 And im eagerly waiting for its sequel to cum up soon,,, and just saw the star cast of enthiran2, Got more xcited,,, all the best guys ill c ua hardwork in a theaters nearby,,, #proudindian

  100. Rajni sir was one off d best star in india and akki also but rajni is rajni

  101. Sankar sir’s best selection as Akshay kumar is villian in his film.Akshay sir is perfect for positive as well as negative.He is also best for comedy & romance.He is real action hero also real life hero.He has good personality in real life.None like him in bollywood.

  102. agar akshay kumar hai to robot 2 ka worldwide collection 1000 cr rupees hoga but akki is best actor in bollywood

  103. It’s going to be such a marvelous film. And a Heroic film

  104. so excited to see akki in robo2 as villian ..but amer khan also good for this role…since this is a highly budgeted film i suggest amerkhan will rock this character if given …all the best akshay im a big fan of you…thank u

  105. I am wait
    akshay sif hai film h to film 5000 cr kamai gi pakka done
    amir es film ke layak ni h

  106. i am waiting watch robot2 movie in villane akki sir..

  107. Awsme i m waiting For RobOt 2

  108. Aksay sir is best and all khan

  109. iam eager to see my god moviee

  110. waiting damn badly.. Akki is only man who can do this awesome and amazing role,, love u AK,,

  111. Robot 1 is very very nice movie ,,
    so I wait for its 2nd part because of akhsay kumar this movie become a brand hit of the year

  112. looking forward … I m excited that aksay kumar role as villian .. I hope action will be more than terminator move or transformer

  113. I m wating for this movie in akshay & rajani sir Good luck … my first day first show…..

  114. Chandan Kumar Sharma

    Best Movie On Success at best actor akshay kumar

  115. Akshay kumar
    International khiladi
    Khiladiyo ka Khalidi
    Sabsa bada khiladi
    Khiladi 786
    Jab tak suraj chand rahaga
    Akshay kumar ka naam rahaga

  116. i m so exicted for realeasing robot sequel and also akshey kumar cast in this. He is superamazing actor for robot 2. I hope robot 2 will have success

  117. Akki sir aor rajni sir,the great history,akki sir thoda kung fu me dikhte to achha rahega

  118. It is very both of my favourite actor was the part of this movie it is Rock I am waiting for this movie

  119. Yeh picture 380 crore kamaongi brothers rajnikant is a brilliant actor

  120. Because Akki is part of this movie now i definitely watch movie in theater…….

  121. Robot is amazing movie. I,m waiting for release this movies

  122. Akashy Kumar are good play in bollybowd all acter in which bast


  124. I’m very excited… In negative role Akshay Kumar…

  125. Robot was a wonderful creation with rajnikath sir…
    now as akshya kumar is part of its sequel. .
    movies is gonna rock, breaking all movies record..
    first day/first show..

  126. I’m waiting me end my friend watch fast day fast show robot 2

  127. Plz change rajanikanth.
    SRK or akki is good…

  128. ab tu intejar he robot2 ka. b. 500cr

  129. I love Robot 2 in akshay

  130. Luv u Akshay Sir ….M So xcited

  131. Aabki bar hoga sase bada record worldwide jab akshay sir ha movie super duper hits….i m big fan for akki sir….

  132. srk, amir, sallu bhai can’t do negative role… akki is the best actor who can play positive and negative role both… all the best akki… 1 akki = 3 khan

  133. akki the best actor in R2…

  134. Akshay kumar is bast actar robot 2 bahut hi achi banegi

  135. Akshay kumar ,what a actor ,If he play villain role ,the movie Robot 2 will be superhit.
    When i was watched Robot ,I m very excited for its sequel and now Robot 2 is coming

  136. I like that akshy sir an rajnikant sir i am wating for robot 2

  137. Rajni sir is always best & with one & only India’s real super actor ???? & our big brother Akshay Kumarji….super duper hit……….????

  138. Khiladi Akshay Kumar is the Best Actor in the Film Industry “Sabse Bada Khiladi Ab Hoga Sabse Bada Villian”

  139. Best blockbuster movie in this season

  140. akshay kumar is best for this movie no khan’s can perform like akshay kumar..

  141. Yes, AKSHAY KUMAR is the best acter ever…
    I am waiting to watch this movie.
    Waiting to watch AKSHAY KUMAR in ROBOT 2

  142. Ab Akshay Kumar Hai toh shahid hindi version ka 100 cr kama hi lage…
    Lakin AAMIR KHAN HOTE TOH GUARANTEE K SAATH KEHTA HU KI 350* karte sirf hindi version ka….Bad luck shankar khans (koi bhi khan srk or salman or aamir) ko chodd dia….itne bade project k liye

  143. Ek dangerous lady willen bhi hona chahiye
    Action role k sath

  144. Bharat Dan #bitw

    would be more exiciting if Arnold came back with akshay!!!!!

  145. I watch new villain akki’s hair style

  146. Waiting badly….

  147. Iam waiting for this ROBOT2

  148. Akshay sir & Rajni sir …fir to movie…rocking bsns karegi..ATBB…


  150. subash chandra behera

    I like to see akki in robot -2

  151. I’m waiting for this film as akki is part of the film.I am a big fan of him.Luv u khiladi and best of luck for the film!!!!

  152. Akshay kumar best villain role

  153. akshay kumar is the best……
    and rajni sir to. …..
    this is first indian movie who cross 1000 cr in worldwide. …………
    I am waiting are u……..

  154. i’m waiting for robot 2 akki

  155. I want mega star akshay kumar play this film ‘robot2’ ……..

  156. Soo excited to see rajni sir akki boss….n specially shankar sirs creation,an epic…

  157. rare combination trying to do director shankar with rajnikanth & akshay kumar…………. best of luck wait to see……………

  158. its a good combination in india first time rajnikanth & akshay kumar wait to see how it works

  159. Robot 2 me akshay sir sabse best role play krege.

  160. i am excited to see my fvrt actor Rajnikanth in ROBOT 2 .. and also Amy jackson… caz her movie .. “I ” was the best …

  161. superb movie i want to see it.

  162. Agar robot 2 Amir khan kam karte hai to film duniya me super duper hit hogi…

  163. We want ash back in robot 2 …..aiswariya rai

  164. paresh raval ko lijiye par sharukh ko mat lo

  165. superb 1st part nd very exci…for 2nd part of robot 2
    shankar sir…best director of india nd shankar sir is a person like jems kamron
    really i love shankar sir …….dream i wanna work with them

  166. Waiting for see Amy Jackson .Big fan of her Movie .Most prettiest ever seen in Bollywood. Specially Ek Deewana Tha

  167. I am waiting robot2 agar shahrukh khan robot2 mein robot ka kirdar nibhayenge toh film superhit hogi

  168. rajamouli,shankar both directors india’s gretest talented directors.

  169. Are yaar jadi launch karo robot2. I am waiting for the last 5 years. BOOM BOOM ROBODAA

  170. i love robot movie

  171. Director Shankar is a Technically loving person I have seen many different type movie
    Realy we are proud of him and we wish him all the best.


  172. jatan jeet singh

    Robot is amazing movie.
    I am waiting for robot 2.

  173. Dear Sir,

    I wish to act in your forthcoming movie Robot 2.I am academician from Pune .
    My name is Rajesh Waghmare .

    With Regards

    Rajesh Waghmare

  174. I loved Robot1
    Rajanikant was simply fantastic. I am very very impressed by the director Shankar for his courage taking a very difficult( technically) subject, that too in India, making it a great success. I am sure he is going to use much more improved techniques, this time and also whatever he could not do, in the Robot 1 is going to be done, this time. Sincerely we are proud of him and we wish him all the best.

  175. robot is amazing movie. I waiting for robot 2 . thanks you are making this????

  176. Raqshit Chaudhary

    I wanna work in Robot2….
    I’m 20 year old boy from Mathura,

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