ROBOT 2 Release Date

Since Robot was a big hit on the Indian Box Office, there are now rumors doing the rounds in that its 2nd part is on its way. Robot 2 will hit the box office to break record on 25 January 2018. Robot 2 is expected to take the experience to the next level in the Indian science-fiction history as its first part had surprised the Indian audience with the hi-tech use of technology. Adding to the flavor was an interesting story that kept the audience intact. The movie was praised and liked everywhere. The movie had earned good collections and was also praised by the critics.



ROBOT 2 Development:

Definitely the audience is waiting for the second round of science fiction mania in the country. Its director Shankar has started to chalk out the plan for the sequel soon after the successful response from the first one. There are a lot of things going on in the movie circles about the story, star cast and expense of the movie. Because of the high standards set by Robot, certainly the audience expects that next movie to be even more interesting. Like the first movie had all elements of a good movie – songs, story, thrill, climax, etc., the audience has started imaging the scope and impact of the next movie.

Robot 2 shooting kicked off in December 2015. Below is the first look of Akshay Kumar first look as baddie in Robot 2:

Akshay Kumar First Look In Robot 2

About ROBOT:

To give a background, Robot was a highly successful Tamil movie of 2010. It broke all box office records as far as collections are concerned. In Tamil, the movie was named Enthiran which means Robot in English. Robot was the biggest blockbusters of India in which the main character was played by Rajinikanth in dual roles. He played the role of a scientist and a robot or an android along with his co-star Aishwarya Rai. The story was very well interwoven with the science fiction concept. All characters were nicely placed and had an adequate influence. The evil character played by Denzongpa had taken the story to an epic scale that lifted the interest in the story and made the audience to guess.

ROBOT 2 Release Date:

In Robot’s sequel, the role of Rajinikanth is expected to be far more formidable. It is important since Rajinikanth also needs a role to uplift the magic he created after the launch of the first part. All of sudden his fame went viral everywhere. There were endless jokes created in his name over the internet. Will that magic return in the second part? It remains to be seen. Rajinikanth has a history of roping in the best of the Bollywood co-stars. He has worked with leading heroines from Bollywood. In the sequel, he is again working with some of the best stars in the industry.

Like Robot had taken over two years to complete, the second part is taking much more time. It has taken a considerable time to hit the Box Office. Robot 2 is schedule to release in 2017. We will update the official release date as soon as announced including trailer and music.

It is confirmed Robot 2 is schedule to release Diwali 2017. The release of Robot 2 is postponed and now all set to hit theater on 25 January 2018.

Robot 2 features Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar who will play the role of antagonist in the film.

Tell us in the comments if you are excited to watch this movie.



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  1. waiting for movie….Robot 2

  2. It will be very hit film in the Bollywood I also want to make an actor like akshay Kumar and I will be make

  3. chandan maurya

    weting for this roobot 2 2017

  4. my fevrate hero akashy beacouse i am waiting this movie…

  5. sabbir hossian

    I am very very big fan of Akshay Kumar……I am
    so excited to see Akshay Kumar sir and also rajnikanth sir
    in upcoming movie robot 2…

  6. Ashish bhardwaj

    500 crore in India…1000 crore word wide

  7. No.1 movie in the world

  8. I’m waiting this movie I really love you AKSY KUMR

  9. that is amazing rajnikan and akshye Kumar with a heavy film 2.0 and I am waiting for Film Festival……………..

  10. Satyam mishra jethwara allahabad

    Am waiting for this movie
    Rajani kant sir i like you

  11. Bedura Rajinikanth

    Iam very big fan of shivaji gaikuad(rajinikanth).He was very fabulous actor in iam waiting for robo2

  12. Hi I am a vary big fun of Akshay kumar and Rajni kand sir,I am waiting for Robot 2 ….

  13. Ashutosh Singh

    Robert 2.0 confirmlly earn more than 1000crores .
    It will break all records of Indian cinema.
    We all are eagerly waiting for this movie .

  14. I am waiting for this movie because my favorite actor is akshay Kumar $also rajnikant. I want to see akshay Kumar in willan role.

  15. AKSHAY’S. Robot.2 will make a 11 hundred crore … Dam sure.

  16. Sudhir kumar pandit

    I am very very big fan of Akshay kumar and my all faimly. Mujhe AKSHAY KUMAR ka sabhi filmo ka bahut hi besabri se injar rahta hai chahe o koi bhi film ho.

  17. Bhuraram kulariya

    I waiting this movie i am fan
    aksay & rajnikanth

  18. I am fan of akshay kumar And first time he is villian in movie “Iam waiting for Robot 2.0

  19. I am waiting this movie and expected this movie broke all movies aur aane vali films ko bhi thod de salman khan ka khaskarmovies par jor ka tamacha mare

  20. I am very very big fan of Akshay Kumar……I am so excited to see Akshay Kumar sir and also rajnikanth sir in upcoming movie robot 2….

  21. there be some extraordinary thing including Hollywood movies also romance like robot 1

    it be greatest hit and box office hit even today aal of Bollywood movies .

    too much fantasy movie sir rajnikant or akshay sir

  22. i am a very big fans of akshay kumar so m always exited for his film i wish this film should earn more than 500cr

  23. I hope that Robot 2 break the all record of Indian box office

  24. akki’s look is very nice. i am big fan of akshay kumar . rajnikant sir is best. i am very excited for this movie , so i requested please release the movie as soon as possible.

  25. I am very big fan of Akshay Kumar
    And I am advance booking of robot 2

  26. me akser kumer ka bhut bada fan ho me promise kerta hu ki first show dekhoga plz IMiss you robat 2 and aksay bhaiya ye movie ab tak ki baane sare record thod degi movie ka highest record 500 se 700 ke bech me ho da i watting for me

  27. Akky villain ggreat…..

  28. First Thanks to Shankar sir for make this movie full and full in 3D, also making this movie like Hollywood standard.
    Robot 2 ( 2 point 0) will earn minimum 1000cr in the year of 2017, also it become highest earned movie in Indian cinema history, also it will broke all the record break. and I will wait it. not only me all the super star fans and akki fans in the world.
    Best of luck to all the actor, actress and the every makers in the film………….

  29. I like akkky and i wish you rodot earn 700crode
    best of luke

  30. I’m waiting for the robot 2 in the action akshay and rajnikant

  31. I think robot 2 earn more than 300000000000000

  32. Abe bahut bekar picture hai dekhana mat

  33. We are waiting for this fabulous next generation movie

  34. Sanket Shinde(Sanky)

    i am big fannn of Akshay kumar
    and i am always waiting of akshay sir movie
    this will become one of the biggest movie in the Bollywood.i hope and wish this will earn maximum box office collection or break all recordssssssssss

  35. I am desperately waiting for the movie fearureed Akshay Kumar I m far away big fan of him, have watched all the movies acting Akshay sir there is a single motive to meet u in ever life so I wd want to meet y sir million of luck belong to y because of yr adept prominent performance that u have retained y r the one among three khans but y r on the to I want y to keep on growth and growth I m 200% assured sir this movi will touch new hight of economy as well as yr career graph it will prove tha benchmark beating the Hollywood sci fi end of

  36. Waiting for iconic , marvalous film robot2
    Loving to see akshay and ranjnikanth who are versatile actors
    Hoping it will break box office records with 1000 + crores

  37. Yes I’m waiting for the Robot2

  38. virjesh kumar yadav

    I will wish to God this movie earned 1000 million dollar i am waiting to you

  39. Nice photo Akshy kuam Robot 2

  40. We are also excited for look akshya sir as villan but Diwali is too long plz release as soon as possible

  41. Robot 2.0 India mostexpensive movie akshay I waiting

  42. Robot 2 is Indian science fiction movie it will hit becoz of akshsy Kumar villain role and rajni as hero m waiting…

  43. I LIKE TO Mr.Akshay Kumar for his action,comedy and other styles
    I am just waiting to – “ROBOT2” movie on DIWALI-2017…

  44. I love akshay kumar and i m very excited to watch akshay Kumar as negative role in robot 2

  45. Wating list is very long

  46. waiting for sensation music by rahman

  47. 350crore budget (wikipiedia)

    I am waiting

  48. this movie will create history.

  49. Its totally minded science fiction film…so i love this film…m excited 2 see Rajni sir n Akki sir sharing the screen…it will b wow moment 4 me..

  50. I am waiting for this movie

  51. Me & my brothers son waiting movie robot 2

  52. my name is bidya sarkar …
    I am big fan of akhsy & rJni …
    I promise I see this movie first day first show

  53. Waiting rehman music and akki

  54. I am very exciting this movie. Superstar rajnikant and my favorite action hero Akshay Kumar , i love akshay this movie is super duper hit and blockbuster ,am waiting ………

  55. Akshay is villain ????????????????????

  56. superhti Bollywood box office king
    Akki sar blockbusters movie..thanks asr nice style and fight

  57. Robot 2 re puni My favorite hero Akhya Kumar…. Wow

  58. 1500 cr business

  59. I am waiting for Roboot to see!And Super star film Come on 2017

  60. wow akshay kumar villian….


    Best movi 2017 robot….

    Thanks you

  62. Hrithik kr Sharma

    I m waiting…….Mr.akshay Kumar huurrraaahhh!!!

  63. Diliswar Gamango

    Sir Robot 2 movie Main Akshay sir kaa role kyaa hai?

  64. yogesh kumar pandey

    I am realy wait Akky in robot 2
    i’m big fan oh Akshay Kumar .so i’m excited very much

  65. i am waiting robot 2 movie all the best super duper hit movie 1000 crore collection

  66. Dear sir
    Thank you for again realising movie robot 2
    I am waiting for watch it..
    I like rajnikant and robot

  67. I am very happy is film ke liye mai kabse intejar mai tha
    Akshai kumar is my best big boss

  68. 1000 cr + business akki

  69. Tarash hansdah

    Approx 800 to 1000 crore club movie


    mera best film ROBOT hum ko bahut accha laga . is baar akshey SIR hai ROBOT 2 to kuch naya hi dekh ne milega conform

  71. I like so much such robotical films
    I m waiting for u…..


    1000cr clob aksay kumar film

  73. S im Weting for M…

  74. sir bahut acha jori hai

  75. I’m waiting this movie tahini sir I’m big fan of u sir robot movie I saw 10 times I’m waiting robot 2 movies sir

  76. i am also waiting for ROBOT 2

  77. Waiting die hardly…………………

  78. My best movie ROBAT

  79. I am waiting for this movie ….it is very important movie for me….pleasee release fast and give a egject date.

  80. 1000cr busness

  81. vikash baghel

    The most favourite movie of mine is robot,I always see that film on tv whenever it came,I am very excited to awaiting for robo 2.

  82. Bataya ja RHA hai ki ish bar India ka number film hogs robot2

  83. Robot 2 film ???? super super hits

  84. Really i’m waiting for ROBOT 2 movie

  85. Ganesh sharma

    Hiii iam ganesh sharma bandwa wating robat2

  86. yes
    i’m really excited 2 watch this moving .

    & 1st thing of this film i’m big fan oh Akshay Kumar .so i’m excited very much

  87. only waiting to see akshay bro in this movie as villain

  88. its hard to cope with d expectations ,,,but definately gonna b a dashing of action

  89. ashay Kumar as villain wow waiting

  90. Robot 2 will be the best sci-fiction movie

  91. patelsuhagkumar

    I love Akshay kumar. He is my inspiration. And his most popular in bollywood. And I saw the every movie. He best best actor.

  92. Best of luck talaiva the boss

  93. I think Robo;2 will defiantly break bahubali-2’s record……

  94. Very nice this movie

  95. Mai dekhna chahunga ki akshay sir jab rajnikant k saath is picture mai kaam karenge kaisa lagega aur unke action Jo rahenge is movie mai kya rajnikant se acha rahega ya kuch stunts bhi rahenge toh jaldi movie release kijiye next year i m waiting to watch the suspense

  96. Really waiting robot 2 movie
    Mujko bhe koi mil sakta h kya
    Mujko is line m 2 yera ho gayi work ho to my no. 7037360383 bta do

  97. I’m very very happy
    Nd i like Robot n my
    Fav hero Rajnikant movie
    I’m waittin for Robot2 movie

  98. anubhav singh

    may be it will the frist movie in india who earn 1000 cr……..

  99. kashinio adakho

    my most awaited movie is robot2

  100. Why octumus prime is shown on the trailer ?? Is he really present in the movie…

  101. I am waiting for ROBOT 2

  102. Coming to my best 2017 ki best movie akshay kumaar sir and rajni sir to comeing ROBOT 2

  103. shiv kumar prajapati

    I am very excited to see akshay kumar sir and rajinikanth sir in upcoming movie- Robot2

  104. Ravindra Dhobale

    Akshay ka jo action hum sab dekhna chahate hai wo Rajni sir hi present kar sakte hai…..

  105. Siddhartha pal

    I waiting for 2017 only robot 2see the movie. ……….

  106. love you Amy Jackson I am waiting for new excited roll in Robot 2 I believe you are a best

  107. Robot2 and verry nice movie i am waiting for robot 2

  108. Robot is back time movie my very favorite in rajni kant sir super star action and super comment man.
    And ROBOT2 Movies i existing for realise time
    Akshay kumar is a One man in the world.
    But only for akshay kumar super dooper actors
    Other movies is really onder full action, GABBAR IS BACK,KHILADI 786 ,KHILADIYON KA KHILADI,SING IS BLING,COMADY PICture my favorite ´PHIR HERA PHERI`etc.
    Robot2 is waiting for 2017 is really very existing this watch Near cinema talkies.ok thanks.
    *Akshay kumar
    * Rajnikant Kumar

  109. I am realy wait Akky in robot 2

  110. sir,
    i like very very like robot & future plan in i created new robot ………….
    really sir,
    thank you sir………………………..

  111. I waiting robot 2 for only akshay kumar

  112. i am excired to see akshay as willan in this movie☺☺☺

  113. Wow nice movie

  114. I like robo and rajni very very all the best

  115. akshay action to dhashu he na

  116. I will see this movie just because of Akshay Kumar….and also because of Rajnikant Sir…..

  117. I am weting for the robot 2

  118. Rajni anna……nd akki is verry verry good actors..

  119. Robot film Realising date 2nd march 2016

  120. best of luck. I like that

  121. Mai app ka fan hon i love you

  122. akshay Kumar and rajnikanth is the best actor in world

  123. Iam Ashwani kumar from H.P.

    Iam so exciting to see this ROBOT 2 and I like to this movie and all members of the Bollywood

    my fevriate is Amy jection I like to her their style and attitude.

    Sir I have rickest u that if anyone can be apply to bollywood like me as u’ll email me pls becoz I have so big wish that I’ll parfomse or singing in bollywood pls sir.

  124. Also I am wetting

  125. Please do first

  126. awaiting see the new movies robot-2 .

  127. Thanks for this move for role best actor akshay paage

  128. I wating for this movies

  129. i am weating rajnikant
    up upni style to dekha do

  130. will Aamir Khan in Robot 2 ??

  131. I was waiting for this move

  132. Guys Shankar is Shankar…

    He is as like as Priyadarshan,the marvelous director of bolliwood…led the India to a new form with his drama or better say comedy films……………………………………

    Shankar every time thinks of bringing something new to the citizen…which may or must be beyond imagination and expectation…..!!!

  133. really waiting 4 ths movie

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